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Oluwo is planning to assassinate me—Chief Abiola Ogundokun + What Gov. Aregbesola told me about Oluwo

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High Chief Abiola Ogundokun The Balogun Musulumi of Iwo land and OBANLA of Iwo

In the last 2 weeks, the cold war between the Oluwo of Iwo in Osun State (South Western Nigeria) HRM, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi (Telu 1) and his estranged godfather and benefactor, High Chief Abiola Ogundokun has taken a new dimension as the monarch has gone viral on social media lambasting the elder statesman and former NPN and PDP scribe at every given forum. In a particular video trending on YouTube, the Oluwo accused Chief Ogundokun of stealing dundun (roasted cocoa yam) while in school as a young boy and that his large lips was as a result of dirty slaps reigned on his mouth for stealing the dundun. In another video where the Oluwo is seen seated with some Imams during the beginning of Ramadan fast, the Oluwo accused Chief Ogundokun of being the sole brain behind the annulment of the famous June 12, 1993 election won by late Chief MKO Abiola. He claimed Ogundokun is the biggest enemy to the Yoruba race. In yet another video, the Oluwo was seen at the entrance of what appears to be Chief Abiola Ogundokun’s country home with miscreants chanting war songs ie ‘Kole B’ode (2ce) Alakori ti lekun mori, kole b’ode’ while the monarch was seen chanting with stretched hands across the street. There are many of such videos where the first class royal father seems to have degenerated into something close to a tout, abusing Chief Ogundokun in public. Yesterday morning, Your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity encounter blog, Asabeafrika made a breakthrough after two weeks of pressurizing  Chief Ogundokun who is the publisher of CONSCIENCE International Magazine to react to some of the allegations made against him on social media by Oluwo. Ogundokun who felt restrained to talk as the case is already in court decided to react to few of the allegations with the sole aim of begging his supporters not to react to the monarch’s outbursts as that could bring the entire town into great chaos.
While speaking with Asabeafrika inside his Festac town, Lagos mansion, yesterday morning, Ogundokun who had his aides and private secretaries around him opened up.  High Chief Ogundokun who is the  Ajagunpote of the Source (Ile-Ife), Areago of Iwo-Oke, Seriki of Iba land, Apesin of Erin-Osun and Jagun of Ajagun-Lase Kingdom  didn’t miss his points while reacting to our questions. Enjoy the excerpts.

We are quite alarmed at the new video releases on YouTube by the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi claiming that you stole Dundun when you were in school and that you were the one who annulled June 12, 1993 election and destroyed the opportunities of the Yoruba race to rule. He equally alleged that you destroyed the star of one Barrister Atanda in Iwo among many other allegations. What is really going on between you and the Oluwo?
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun & Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi at Chief Ogundokun's daughter's wedding last year September
I thank you very much for coming. Oluwo is a mad man because whoever manufactures falsehood and want the world to believe cannot be regarded as a normal human being.  He has lived in falsehood, an ex-convict according to the papers filed before the court against him, which I saved him from conviction in the court. The person who made him the king without the consent of the community suffered enormous destructive campaigns. He is accused to be a yahoo man and a yahoo man finds all sort of techniques to say things to convince the world. As far as I am concerned, all the allegations he made are false. He has no proofs, he is a liar. I have never stolen a kobo.
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun to Asabeafrika....'I never stole dundun in school because i was a rich child'
When I was in school, my mother happens to be a big time produce merchant who spoiled me with good money. How can I now go and steal dundun? Dundun is roasted yam, how?; with all the money in my hand as a young star, and I have been in money all my life up till today. I thank God, he (Oluwo) should remember what his father does and how many people his father tried to dupe, that is still a living story in Iwo till today. Now, I don’t know how I can stall Abiola’s election or his presidency.
(Cuts in) In a new video this morning he called some Afas in the mosque and told them that you stalled MKO Abiola’s election?
The GDA in session with the High Chief
Yes, every morning all the Imams and Alfas gather together to pray for the community and it is always in front of the palace; it has been there for years and it is during the Ramadan. And he is taking advantage to mount this campaign of calumny because he is losing so much. They don’t want him as the Oba. The royal families don’t want him, they have spoken out and they are still saying it. He is trying to fight a lost battle. Now, when we get to court he will come and explain to the world whatever campaign he has done all over the world. He has put me on the world map by making falsehood. Every bad publicity is also a good publicity, more so when it is falsehood. By the time they get the truth, he will be there to service his fate. Unfortunately, he has nothing, he is an empty man. If I go to court, I don’t expect any money but I will get justice.
But why did you support him all this while because we remember sometimes last year, one Oba Kadiri Olatunde (Adeoye II) the Oluwo of Iwo Oke sued him alleging that he is a Yahoo-Yahoo expert in Canada but a recent investigation in Iwo revealed that you were the one who helped him out of the case. Why did you do that, sir?
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun with his estranged godson, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi (Telu 1) during an outing recently
I have never known him or met him anywhere.
(Cuts in) But people said you were the one that even installed him, spending your money and doing everything to make him succeed. Why did you supported him?
Oluwo of Iwo arriving Chief Abiola Ogundokun's Festac mansion with retinue of Obas from Osun last year for Chief Ogundokun's daughter's wedding
I know how he got there through the government and I am not going to say anything against the government and those who put him there, unknowingly, that he is not a responsible person. I am very sure they are tired of him. They can even remove him but the policy does not allow them to remove him because somebody who put somebody there would say ‘how can I build a house and destroy it because the house is cracking’. Now, what I am saying is that I have never met him. I was asked to help, to father him and he also asked me to ‘please be his father’ and once I accepted to do that I couldn’t falter. And normally every Oba that comes into being in Iwo, I give them support—financial support, moral support to stabilize them. That commitment pushed me into acceptance of this pleads, that I should ‘please, help’. And I did it, I spent money. I build him a local government council, I put his name there.
The High Chief and his godson, Oluwo dancing together few months ago before the music changed
I furnished his palace with about N5million, I give him money every month with evidence, except the one I gave by cash. But there are some I sent by transfer to his account. He has always fight anybody that helps him in the past. I think, maybe, he is insane. Maybe he has grown all his adult life to be fraudulent and deceptive. Now, when you look at what Oluwo Oke said in court and all the papers, you will see that he never defended it. He admitted to me that most of them are true and that is why he insisted that we should ‘please’ protect him from non-attendance of the court. He refused to appear in court on several occasion. But our anger is that if you say we should help you to protect your appearance in court, you kept on abusing people, putting people on the internet, destroying the people involved. Now, this is one of the things that brought about our quarrel; when we resolved and we sought for the governor and Baba Obasanjo’s assistance, for their intervention. They gave him a role not to abuse, insult or blackmail people. Then he was to sign a document about the case before Oluwo Oke accepted withdrawal. They could not sign it because he was evasive even though he consented to the signing. Up till today, he has not signed it.
Who instituted that document?
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun to Asabeafrika....'The Oluwo is an ungrateful element'
The document was prepared by the lawyers in respect of the case instituted against him by the Oluwo Oke. And he has refused to sign that document. One, my consistent reminder because I was the go-between him with lawyer Abass and Kabiyesi Ologburo hurt him. After we have compelled Oluwo Oke who consented due to the respect he has, particularly for Baba Obasanjo, the agreement we reached before Baba Obasanjo, Oluwo refused to honor it at the end of the day and it is against my own credibility that I initiated it and brought Baba Obasanjo and others into it.
African Elder Statesman, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR)....Oluwo allegedly shunned him for reconciliation between him and Ogundokun
Since he came out of the case, could you believe that he has failed to even follow us to go and say ‘thank you’ to Baba Obasanjo? Only three days ago now, he found his way. I am sure what he is trying to do is because I have gone to court. He would want Obasanjo to intervene again. Obasanjo will not intervene because Obasanjo cannot be happy.
Could we categorically say that it was your constant reminder of him to sign that document that led to his disagreement and fight with you?
The Chief meets the GDA
Not just that, he equally takes money from any contestant for any chieftaincy title in Iwo land; and when they are three to ten, he will take money from all of them and it is only one man that can take the title. I cannot see the rationale behind cheating on people who are clamoring for chieftaincy titles. There was one of them, that the family had to carry coffin of the dead man to the palace, there are so many cases in court right now, cases bordering on chieftaincy title matters which are still pending in court..
(Cuts in) You mean a man he duped died and they took the dead body to the palace?
Oluwo & his estranged Godfather, High Chief Abiola Ogundokun
Yes, it is against the tradition of Yoruba land to carry a dead body to the palace of an Oba. They took the coffin to his palace…
(Cuts in) to embarrass him or what?
No, to protest the injustice perpetrated by him and he doesn’t worry because when you see him talk, you will know there must be tendencies of drug influence.
Sir, there is also a video where the Oluwo stormed your house in Iwo and allegedly wanted to capture you alive and his followers were singing “Ko lee bode (2ce) Alakori tilekun m’ori, ko le boode” meaning that you ran and hid inside your house. Why didn’t you come out and face him since he is disturbing your peace?
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun the Ajagunpote of Ile-Ife
He wanted to incite me to cause violence and the governor of Osun state called and seriously pleaded with me, and particularly the state director of the SSS (State Security Service), they are so concerned, that an Ibo man, the state director prostrated that I should ‘please, not respond to his violence and incitement’. And I believe that as an elder statesman, I should also help the government not to respond to his criminal incitements. He goes everywhere, he wakes up in the morning and all he thinks about is Abiola Ogundokun. He talks about about Abiola Ogundokun, saying destructive things, I am tired of it, that I think I need to tell Aregbe today, because Aregbe told me ‘Look, Baba, we know you. We know what you can do. I can not afford to see you strike in my state. I am just getting out of Ife crisis, now my bosom friend and partner, Adeleke just died. People are insinuating falsehood against him, that if I start the trouble in Iwo, that he does not know how to quench that’ and I can deal with that situation (Oluwo’s incitements) but because Aregbe pleaded with me; he doesn’t see himself as a governor the day he talked to me but I saw the worries in him and as such, I refuse to betray that confidence and affection for him. I believe by my position, I have spent a lot of money on my society in Osun state and Nigeria. I have to protect that investment too. He said a lot of manufactured stories that could make somebody to even go and hit his head against a wall.
Osun State Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola....'Will the Governor look on until the crisis degenerates becomes a war?'
But should I just go and use my influence like that? Look, I will tell you, I can turn the state upside down in one day. But I refused to do it because one, I have invested. Two, I am an elder. Aregbe (Osun State Governor) removed his garment as governor to plead with me, the manner he pleaded with me, he can’t do it better. I think he accepts I am his father, the way he pleaded with me; and I believe I should not create problem. But if Aregbe doesn’t find answer to it, I will find my own answer.
I think the Oluwo has released about six videos now…
(Cuts in) More than 10 videos
In another of the controversial videos on the internet, he claimed that the money you gave him was useless in value (Owo jati-jati) and he equally claimed that even though you built the palace for him that he has the right to take over everything including your house. What does this translate to, does he mean he now owns your real estate?
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun with Oluwo & his Olori dancing together few months ago
That is the man, act of ingratitude, ungodliness, thuggery; what do you expect? If you do well to a man won’t he show appreciation? What you have to ask him is that ‘what have I done to him that warrants all the destructive falsehood?’. He cannot come anywhere to say I have done anything than the fact that I advised him to stop his corruption ridden rule, respect the royal families. The royal families are calling for his removal now. I think they have spoken to you.
Yes, we were in Iwo on Sunday May 7 when they called an emergency meeting and summoned you down? They told us categorically that ‘A shi Oba je’ (We have a wrong king on the throne. Why do you think the governor and the government of Osun state have not reacted to this crisis?
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun with members of the 4 ruling Houses in Iwo during a World Press Conference on Sunday May 7 in Iwo (Right is the head of the entire ruling houses, Omo-Oba Alhaji Kamilu Babatunde Arowolo)
You see let me tell you, Aregbe is a gentle man. From the little I know of him, I have known him before he became governor. He respects a lot. Aregbe does not like crisis or violence. Maybe he is just trying to accommodate violence now because if he refuses to do anything it could escalate. People are really angry and I have been trying to stop any untoward action. People are enraged all over Nigeria, all over the world, that they are rubbishing their idol, Abiola Ogundokun like this. I receive call from all over the world. But, now is the end, I am going to see the governor tomorrow Monday (today) and I will tell him my mind. I will not put my hand in it but people are ready to react. If Aregbe doesn’t want them to react, he should react.
Chief Abiola Ogundokun during a World Press Conference on the crisis in Iwo land
I don’t know them; everybody keeps calling me that they are going to do something. So I beg them, ‘don’t react. If they do anything, they will say Ogundokun has sent you’. Aregbe knows he (Oluwo) has a gun, they should go and take the gun from him; is it a good Oba who carries gun to go and meet Rondo-RondoAgbaje (Oluwo’s former PA) in his own house in the midnight after sacking him for alleged theft of $100?. This is the same boy who collects half a million from me and he will never steal from it. When I give him money, he will give the money to this boy to go and help him keep the money, that is the closest person to him, they get drunk together.
Are you talking of Rondo-Rondo the young man who accused him of sodomy acts?
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun & Oluwo of Iwo few months ago
Yes, that is the boy. They begged him and he has kept quite, I hope they will not take him to kill because they know definitely I am going to invite the boy to court, we will summon him, the boy, weather he likes it or not must say what he has said and recorded on the television and every where. How can an Oba want to be sleeping with men? So, he believes by that disclosure (by Rondo-Rondo) he can now manufacture falsehood against me, the world knows me, I am known and popular. Anybody reading all these allegations knows that he is a useless vagabond.
We learnt that you have already raised alarm about a professional assassin the Oluwo allegedly hired from Ibadan to terminate your life?
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun to Asabeafrika....'I am not the type of fish that could be cut with a bending hook'
Yes, information at my disposal revealed an alleged plot to exterminate my life with a hired killer (thug) and we equally learnt that he has promise to give Obanla chieftaincy title to the hired assassin recruited from Ibadan if he can successfully carry out the act. But that would not materialize because God that delivered me from 16 different attempts on my life in the past is still there for me. I escaped all the attempts becase I serve God and I spend a lot of money to help the less- privileged and the privileged. I invest on people and those that ran after my life always end up in destruction. No blood will pass through my hands. I want to equally use this medium to warn that my silence is not the normal silence of Abiola Ogundokun as a beckon to history would show that I am not the type of fish that could be cut with a bending hook.
I think Iwo as a Yoruba town has always had Obas that are circumspect and humble and you as a person, you have been close to royalty in the last 50 years; how did you people allow yourself to be ridiculed to this level?
A Senior Female Citizen in Iwo complaining to High Chief Abiola Ogundokun about the terrible situation in town as the GDA listens 
You see my community respect government; this thing came from the source that brought him there. They are not happy, nobody is happy. We have professors, responsible people, pharmacists, business successful princes and a lot of them and God said he was going to test Iwo for their disloyalty to his existence because if Iwo people truly love God and they respect his commandments, this kind of devil will never come into our community. And when people are not ready to stand up to fight for their right, they get whatever comes their way. But for the respect for the government, we kept the peace going in Iwo.
It baffles one much because this king just came two decades since the stool was vacant due to other issues about the Oluwo throne. So, it baffles people that this kind of thing will be happening now?
The Telu of Iwo land...Is he indeed bigger than Ooni of Ife & Alaafin of Oyo?
Let God forgive Iwo community. Many of those who called themselves alfas (Muslim Clerics), what they are doing can even bring evil to Iwo. We had very beautiful, good, disciplined Obas in the past, the last one, quite man, the one before him, Oba Abimbola, good responsible Oba. The first educated king in Iwo is Oba Abimbola. He was a minister in the cabinet of the government of western region. His children are very, very, very good breeds. We have his children spread all over the world, very good people. I am very proud of Oba Abimbola and all the kings. But God is trying to punish the community, asking them to serve God.
Ooni Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi (Ojaja II) The Aarole Oodua and Ooni of the Source:  How would he feel seeing his Deputy at Osun State Council of Traditional Ruler dancing on the street and abusing a chief old enough to father him?
Because if you say you are worshiping and praying 5 times and inside you, inwardly, you are devilish. You cannot say the truth, you cannot fight the truth and somebody is trying to force you to do something that is against your wish, then you come out to strongly talk against it. God loves me; in Iwo I win elections for years. Anybody I put there wins and performs. At least, I have established about 5 LGAs chairmen that I nominated and they won elections. If God is not with me, he will not make it happen. Some of them are jealous because there are some of my class mates who are professors. I am not a professor but I am a professor of politics. Without me, they can’t get there. Well, he (Oluwo) claimed to be APC stalwart in Canada but we later discovered that he held no leadership and hard no quality leadership character while living there.
What was he doing in Canada before he came to become Oba, do you have his profile. Was he an engineer, lawyer, IT expert or teacher?
Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi....Who was he before he became Oluwo?
According to the case in court by Oluwo Oke, they said he is a professional fraudster; they call him a Yahoo person. They said he has gone to jail before. I wasn’t there but court papers confirmed it and he did not deny any. He took me into confidence that some of the allegations are true. He opened up to me because I was the one spending my money to save him; and by the time we finish this case the world will get to know more about him.
What do you want to say to your fans all over the world that are reacting to the image destruction spree launched on you by the Oluwo?
CONSCIENCE International Magazine....Chief Ogundokun's conscience on June 12
I want to appeal to all my supporters, sympathizers, the good people of our society not to take offense or take laws into their hands. And wait, I am not moved because he lied. My conscience is the supreme thing to my life and I thank God; that is why I called my magazine CONSCIENCE because of the way people do things. He claimed that I annulled MKO Abiola’s election, Abiola happens to be my friend and I am the person Abiola sent to Babangida when Babangida promised he was not going to annul the election. He was in the suite in Sheraton Hotel, how on earth will I ever, ever do something against my bosom friend of years and we remained friends until his death, and I am still friend to his family up till tomorrow.
Late Chief MKO Abiola....Could Ogundokun annul his Presidential election according to Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale?
How on earth will I annul his election? We worked, Abacha did not kill Abiola. He protected Abiola and we related to Abacha in order to help him feel soft hearten towards Abiola. Al-Mustapha is alive till today, and Abiola would change his cook or decide who cooks for him? How come they didn’t poison him? (Abacha’s government). Abiola was poisoned alongside Abacha at the same time and nobody is talking about that. Who annulled June 12? I am a serious supporter of June 12. And my magazine CONSCIENCE International fought for June 12, there are so many publications? Those who are even calling themselves (disciples) of June 12,
IBB with late Ooni Okunade Sijuade (Olubuse II)...Who annulled June 12?
we exposed them in the magazine, how they were playing games, how they were looking for jobs with Abacha while at the same time, they go out to speak for June 12. Is this not the reason why I established CONSCIENCE magazine? Because of people who claim to be what they are not? And they go out to say something in the dark and come out to say another thing outside.
Do you have a word for Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi the Oluwo of Iwo?
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun....The Apesin of Erin Osun Land
On Oluwo, nobody should do any harm or raise any violent activities because of Ogundokun. Ogundokun will take care of himself and the greatest place for me to go is the law court where I will get justice, and within one week you will be hearing the suits. Already we are in court. He has never written me any letter to say he removes me from anywhere.
(Cuts in) But he recently gave your Otun Balogun title to one Chief Okanlawon
The letter of elevation of High Chief Abiola Ogundokun from Otun Balogun to OBANLA of Iwo Land
No, that title is not my title. It is a wrong impression. He elevated me on the 8th of January, 2017 to the position of Oba Nla of Iwo. The High King of Iwo land because he wanted me to be the highest person holding the highest chieftaincy title after the Oba. He wanted me to be second in command but I faulted him because my own brother, Yekini is the Oosa (Second-in-Command-to-Oluwo) whom I helped to become the Oosa of Iwo during the late Oba’s tenure. He is the second in command, how can you now want me to become the Second in Command and take from my own brother the traditional history of Iwo? So I refused that, I am pleased with the title of Oba Nla which is greater than the Otun Balogun. And in the letter he wrote to me, he said he is substituting that title with Oba Nla and he was withdrawing that, and gave me no functions and he confirmed it. I asked him ‘are we going to have any function?’ he said ‘no, there is no ceremony, you are already a chief, and you have been installed. It is only if you have never been a title holder that I can say you have to come and lie down. I have given you a letter, you are confirmed. You cannot do a ceremony two time, you are already a chief’. It is like somebody working in a department in an organization as Deputy Managing Director and then he is promoted into Managing Director, would he have to go into the process of interview again?

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