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The Secrets behind mystery deaths in Nollywood —Chief Jimoh Aliu (Aworo) + Why people think I use Juju

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High Chief Jimoh Aliu aka Aworo

Chief Jimoh Aliu (MFR) aka Aworo is a movie legend in Nigeria. He is one of the last soldiers of the olden day’s theatre industry in Nigeria. He started acting in 1956 when Nigeria was yet to discover what is today described as Nollywood. The Oke-Imesi, Ekiti State (South West Nigeria) born actor is today a Cultural Ambassador in Yoruba Land after 60 years on stage as writer, director, producer and actor. An old soldier in the Nigerian Army, Chief Aliu is an encyclopedia of arts. Aworo who is famous for his several TV series of the 80s and 90s e.g. Arelu, Yanponyanrin and Fopomoyo is one celebrity that is a reporter’s delight any day any time.; always full of wits, drama, oriki, native intelligence, wisdom and strength that cannot be compared with anything.
In  this fifth episode of his historic encounter with your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika inside a Lagos 3 Star Hotel suite, Chief Jimoh Aliu, 82 who was on his way to America for a special movie project spoke about the spate of mysterious deaths that keeps hitting the Nigerian movie industry aka Nollywood since the beginning of the year and why actors’ deaths are often celebrated.   The veteran actor also had a word for the political elites and the entire society on what to do to curb sudden deaths among actors and actresses. Enjoy the excerpts.
Chief, there have been series of strange deaths in the movie industry ranging from the young to the middle aged. We started the year with the death of Baba Kekere’s wife, after that we have seen series of death from Pastor Ajidara, Olumide Bakare which is very recent and many others. Some said those actors or actresses might have joined cults or some are involved in bizarre things for stardom while others are simply impoverished. What do you think is responsible for this untimely deaths and what is the way out?
The GDA meet the High Chief

Thank you and God bless you for asking this question. May your prayers be acceptable to God.
Amen, sir
Chief Jimoh Aliu to Asabeafrika...'People die everyday everywhere but when it happens in Nollywood it is news'
If we are to take a census of people who die daily, you will be amazed at the number but we wouldn’t know. Many give birth to children and we don’t know. But if a star give birth to a child today, the whole world will hear. If one star dies today the entire world will know. This is the only problem we have. Now, someone is praying, ‘may God not let a car hit and kill me, may God not let me be a victim of fire accident, may God not let AIDs kill me, may God save me from death from charm’. But there must be report that someone dies and it is something that will kill the person. It is one death that will kill somebody. I used to tell people that ‘look, as for me, this is where I want you to bury me’. ‘But that place I show you to bury me, If it is written by God that I will die in the aeroplane and my body can’t be found, it wont be possible o’, and they will shout at me ‘ah, don’t say that again Baba’.
Chief Jimoh Aliu with Nollywood Actress, Nike Peller
But the one that didn’t die in the aeroplane and got burnt and they blew his ashes away into the winds, shall we say such people offended God? If I am in Mecca now and I witness a traffic jam, I will get down from the taxi and grab a motor cycle (okada) for my transportation and I will see people exclaiming ‘ah, Baba, why are you climbing Okada? You a famous man, why?’. But those who climb Okada are humans too. Sometimes ago, I lost two kids within two days, and I told my wives ‘oya, oya, pack your luggage, costumes and props’. They said ‘Baba, what is going on?’ I said ‘we are heading for our stage plays. Let’s move’. And they said ‘Baba, why are you behaving like this after losing your kids?’ and I said ‘those ones are gone, there is nobody that prays to lose a child talkless of two’. If you are a man of faith and you are philosophically grounded, if anything happens, you will grow over it and you will ask yourself ‘how did it happen and is it your child that will be the first to die or are you the first parent to lose a child?’.
Chief Jimoh Aliu to Asabeafrika...'No Condition in life is worth dying for. If you lose, rise and take the next step as life continues"
Even the child of our Prophet Mohammad (PHUB), the day his child died he went to Yidi; he must not cease to be at Yidi. Alah Akbar…Alah Akbar, he was praying but his mind was in the accident, and an Angel had to intercede. May God bless the soul of (Late President) Yar’ Adua, excuse me, what are you even talking about? God cannot be fooled. Do you think God can be fooled?. If we are in Mecca, do you know how many dead bodies that are being buried daily? Don’t people die in Mecca? Don’t people die in America? You took MKO Abiola’s wife (Late Simbiat Abiola) out of Nigeria to America with almost 11 well trained medical experts attending to her yet she was brought home dead. I want to tell you, anyone that God says he is going to die, God already know what is going to kill that person. How will Olumide Bakare die and the world will not be aware? I mean someone that is being seen on television across the world?; it is something that killed him.
Chief Jimoh Aliu to Asabeafrika...'Nollywood is full of poor and famous people. Government need to help us"
But one big problem we have in the theater family is that we are poor. We don’t have money, yet we have fame. Even during his illness, if we ask the drama body to contribute money to save Olumide Bakare, where do we get such funds? You see the case of actors and actresses is like that of an old car you go and get, you panel bated the car, you now spray and painted it in very shining and alluring color and you now put it in the market. Yet the car has no engine, that is how we actors are. The engine that is not there is money o, they don’t have money o, and if they keep deceiving themselves that they are financially buoyant, that means they want to die of hunger. They better shout out and get help. Government is the one that ought to help us because we are doing a great service to the government and yet the government does not want to recognize our good role in the society. Nobody should cause crisis among us; late actors like Olumide Bakare, if we were to be in America, if we were to be in London, don’t you know what they will posses in material wealth? don’t you know what they will earn in terms of wealth?
Chief Jimoh Aliu explaining a point to the GDA
If politicians want to have their campaigns in civilized societies, they will call actors and actresses. And the actors and actresses are the ones the voters want to see. But here, when they get to power, they are supposed to do something and help the actors and actresses but reverse is the case. They (Government) should have a special fund that any actor or actresses that is ill, if his case is critical and he needs medical help abroad, that money should be able to aide him and solve his problem immediately. A lot of them fight me o, if they don’t fight me I wont be like this. I pray the more they fight me, God will continue to answer their prayers. God will continue to help them; even the one that is envying me, I pray God will continue to help him so that he can continue to envy me. But please, don’t let them (Actors/Actresses) die. If you want to cook a standard soup, you will buy meat, you will buy pepper, you will buy locust beans, you will buy salt and you will even set fire on the stove to cook. Excuse me, in all of these, which one can you put in your eyes? Put pepper in your eyes, put salt in your eyes and deep your finger in the fire but without all these, the soup cannot be made. You are saying Olumide Bakare or someone else dies, excuse me, we have different destinies given to us by God.
Chief Jimoh Aliu to Asabeafrika....'My own destiny can never be like that of any other actor in Nigeria'
The one he gave me is different from the one he gave Dele Odule, Oga Bello or any other person. He gave us differently but their knowledge and their understanding of religion might be very small. I am now 82 years, have they gone through what I have gone through in this world? Where have they reached in their journey of life? It is God we should continue to beg to continue to direct their path in life, to continue to teach them so that they wont become someone that is making jest of the elders or rubbishing the elders because they are equally coming to become elders one day. Sometimes ago, Baba Sala (Moses Adejumo) had 9 cars with white men as his directors. He was a seasoned theater man. I Jimoh Aliu must not walk bare footed in town. So, God said some of us should rise to prominence as well.
Chief Jimoh Aliu to Asabeafrika....'If you rise to stardom and press others down, your own children will equally be pressed down'
Whereas some of them rose to prominence and tried to press many others down. So if you stop another person from rising to prominence what about your own children? who want to rise as well, your evil work will equally deny him from rising to prominence. If you are praying, also pray for your enemies. But some people don’t know. They may even set up meetings and say ‘is it that Jimoh Aliu? If he invites you for a production, don’t go. If he wants you for a movie, don’t honor him. Don’t even attend his location, that Baba is too wicked’. Some people will even tell colleagues ‘look, if you want to be alive, don’t go to his location o, he will use juju to kill you o’; that is how they raise fear in the minds of many and some of them will just run away (Laughter). They will say ‘Which Jimoh Aliu?’ I know uncountable number of people they (his foes) said that to and they came to me and said ‘Excuse sir, I didn’t know you are so kind like this. But they told me that if I get close to you, you will use juju to kill me’. Then, I will say to the person, ‘can you kindly help me go back to that person to ask him how many people have died from my juju?’ (Laughter). 
Chief Yemi Elebuibon and other Traditional Chiefs honors Chief Jimoh Aliu as Oba Asa of Yoruba Land
You understand me, so, please I want you to understand that we don’t know the fate that befell those who keep dying in the theater industry. Of course, they might do fame charm (Ogun Okiki), they are the ones who know what they are chasing after with fame charm. That is their own philosophy, they want to make name but when it turns to something else, they will know. Their peculiar situation can teach others great lessons of life. Why didn’t I do fame charm (Ogun Okiki). I have so many Islamic scholars (Alfas) I have so many prophets, I have so many herbalist friends, what kind of association can’t I afford? Both here in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world up to Abeokuta, is in the neighborhood of Ijebu or Abare farm, or in Igbira town or in Tapa land or where can’t I seek charm around the world?. But despite my connection and fraternity with powerful people, I have realized that the herbalist will die, the chief priest will die, the prophet will die, the Islamic scholar will die so who will remain?
The Oba Asa, High Chief Jimoh Aliu aka Aworo
It is better you get closer to God, it is better you pray for the well being of your neighbor so that your children too can be successful in life. Let them keep abusing you, let them keep cursing you but you continue to pray for them. That is why I said go and read Psalm 109 and Psalm 120. If you are a Muslim, go and read Tabatiadar. If you are reading Inakaina (recites the  Quranic verse down to Aka), that Aka has meaning, I can draw the tesbar on Aka twenty thousand times (recites silently) it has a deep meaning. Tabatiadar has its meaning to clear off evil or misadventure. Psalm 109, Psalm 120, if you have water from different sources, 7 kinds of water and you aggregate them in one portion and read Psalm 109 and read Psalm 120 (Specified the number of time but due to spiritual misuses the information is hidden from the public) and you now use it to bath and wash your head, even if a Prophet does (evil) prayer for 3 years, the prayer will never be answered. If you are in a church, that church might even explode, there is no amount of prayer you will pray that will amount to something, for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years the prayer will be halted. Go and read that Psalm 109 and Psalm 120, that is where we did our research to in theology. You can call me a Christian, you can call me a Muslim and you can even say ‘Oh, that Jimoh Aliu, don’t get close to him, he is a herbalist, he is an Ogboni man’, that is your headache. Nothing concerns me; the case is between me and God.
The GDA with the High Chief after a Breakfast Encounter at a Lagos Restaurant
The case is not between you and them. Let them abuse you because they don’t know where you belong.  They will provoke you to an extent in order to know your secret but there is no need to talk, there is no need to explain yourself. Continue to do your prayer and move closer to great men of wisdom and godliness. I have them from age 70 years, 80 years in Ilorin, Iwo, and every other town in Yoruba land and elsewhere, so I am confident of my faith. That is why I said if someone dies and he is celebrated, it is because he is famous. There are numbers of unheard deaths in Nigeria but we the famous class, we cannot die without being talked about. If someone is just sick, they will say ‘oh, he is sick o, he is sick o’ and when that person dies, they will say ‘oh, they are killing themselves in that industry. They are killing themselves’. How are they going to be killing each other when many of them are hungry, some can’t pay their house rents, some can’t build a house and even some, their cars are being fueled by friends and associates; some can’t even buy recharge cards.
The Oba Asa, High Chief Jimoh Aliu with the GDA after the historic encounter inside his hotel room in Lagos
I am saying it the way it is. I pray God will release them from poverty, God will elevate them. My brother, there is profound poverty in that theater industry. I am using this medium to tell Nigerians now and I am telling Federal Government, I am telling State Governments, I am telling everybody that ‘please, right from this moment I am praying for all these artistes we have in Nigeria. May God let them grow, let churches invite them to come and pray and equally bless them.
Chief Jimoh Aliu to Asabeafrika...'Let Churches, Mosque & Government rise and help Nigerian Actors & Actresses in their times of need'
Let Mosques invite and bless them; the government at all level, if they hear that someone is sick or want to do something and the person is an actor or actress, call for the attention of the president of the association, is it ANTP, is it TANPAN or which one. Call the leader and say ‘ok, vote N5million for such artiste to go and treat him or herself abroad’. I mean, in a country where they are stealing trillions and even dumping some in the bush, where some people are spending about ten to twenty million Naira to buy jewelries, and you see a dying artiste, these are people who are using their talents to bless the masses, disallowing the masses from committing suicide and giving joy to the society, and you heard such a person is dying and you as government will ignore. I mean artistes who churn our morally inclined works that brings happiness to homes. However, they too should try to do more works that will inspire good morals because there are some movies I see on TV these days that whenever I see them, I just switch off my television because I don’t want to bastardize my children’s morals. You should write plays and churn out movies that will teach morals and let the government equally embrace and help performing artistes.
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