Monday, 5 June 2017

Tribute to Pa Omoruyi @ 81 By Louis Odion, FNGE

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Author, Louis Odion FNGE...Loves sporting out olden days rule of excellence and literally rewarding such

Whenever sleaze and sloth get ascribed to civil service today in Nigeria, one man is always heart-broken. He is Pa Peter Omwanghe Omoruyi. And for a good reason. 
After joining the public service as a teacher in the colonial days and rising steadily through the ranks from teaching cadre and later the medical corp in the post-Independence years and ending his remarkable career in 1993 as the pioneer secretary of the Edo State Hospitals Management Board, Pa Omoruyi can easily be described as one of the surviving pathfinders.

Today, he recalls with nostalgia that love of service, rather than obsession for gratification, was the primary motivation for enlisting in the service in his time.
That same value would make him take up an appointment as a member of the Area Customary Court at Okada in 2000, seven years after formal retirement. 
Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State
Today, the love of service still drives him even at advanced age to mediate family conflicts in his community in Benin City and mentor younger ones to inculcate the right values, beginning from home, to become useful to the community at large. 
On the philosophical plane, he would challenge anyone he encounters daily to ask himself or herself the existential question, "What will I be remembered for?"
The more that poser is answered positively, he believes, the better for the society. 
The Benin sage, who hails from Utese in Ovia North East, turns 81 on Tuesday (June 6). Here is wishing him more years in the service of mankind. 
Immediate Past Governor Adams Oshiomhole

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