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Sunday Sermon: Se La Ma S’aku ( Part 2)

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Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan, CCC, Elisa Parish (Europe & Nigeria)

Editor’s Note: We are very sorry for the late Publication of this sermon which ought to have been published on Sunday, 8th July! We regret the delay!
This morning we are asking ourselves the question again, why the rat race in a world where the end is six feet? Let me start by thanking everyone who called from several parts of the world during the week. Some of you expressed your reservations about the titles of the sermon which are frank to point; yes, we decided to be practical in our presentations. The purpose of a sermon is not to pamper anybody. If a sermon pampers you, then it becomes a lullaby not a sermon any longer. A sermon is an instrument of reformation not entertainment.
The book of Proverbs 15 verse 10 says “Harsh discipline is for he who forsake the way; And he who hates correction will die”. We put out this sermons to correct old norms and put the next generation of young people on the right lane of life. If you were lucky to go through our old series
Prophet MKO Tibetan 'A sermon is not a Lullaby'
“Aiye wa ti b’aje loju wa”you will see how we treated the topic of stray destinies in various forms it affected our collective destinies—in politics, business, diplomacy and other areas. The purpose of this new series is to correct ills that could arise from the misdemeanor of the old generations to the new generation. The book of Proverbs 15 verse 21 says “Folly is joy to him who is destitute of discernment, But a man of understanding walks uprightly”.
Make Your Choice to serve or run a rat race

The generation of political  leaders today plot all sorts of evil to get to where they want to get to or get what they desire from life, but at the end of the day, it all amounts to waste of time and effort, because it is only God that gives without making difficult. Today, Bukola Saraki the Senate President of Nigeria is in a rat race with the Acting President of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo but he has actually forgotten what happened to his father under same Buhari regime during the military era; he has refused to learn from neither Abiola nor Abacha. Why?—nitoripe Saraki ma sa ku!
He is busy chasing what he cannot get. Has he forgotten the story of MKO Abiola, how he chased and chased it right from the era of Shehu Shagari. Has Bukola forgotten so soon what late Umaru Dikko told Abiola that ‘Presidency is not for sale in Nigeria’? Has he forgotten how Babangida and Abacha eventually lured Abiola into the crisis that took his life before Abdusalami crowned their efforts with MKO Abiola’s death in prison? Has he forgotten that Abiola chased and chased it until he couldn’t get it. Why?-nitoripe se la ma saku!
Senator Bukola Saraki....Is he in a rat race?
Maybe Saraki should equally be reminded what happened to his father as the senate leader in the second republic. Same thing is about to happen to the son now—Like father like son!
The lawmakers are busy chasing shadows, they are only after their pockets and ambition and not after the welfare of the people who elected them there. It is so pathetic that people cannot enjoy the dividends of democracy from their representatives. They are all busy chasing contracts, power, money and material wealth that will perish one day—nitoripe se la ma saku!.
The rat race starts with the devious ambition of men to gain  position, material wealth or self esteem. If we look at Haman’s conspiracy in the book of Esther 3 and and the conspiracy of Ahithopel in the book of 2nd Samuel 16 from  verse 15-end, you will see all the elements of greed, ambition and avarice. The same thing applies to the race many of our big men run today because—se lon ma saku!.
Congregants at one of the church service
David had successfully raped and claimed Bathsheba the wife of Uriah and God promised to make his household a haven of strife and controversy. The Prophet Nathan warned king David that sword would never depart from his house (2nd Samuel 12:10). And true to the prediction, David started witnessing several domestic problems from that day ranging from deception, adultery, incest and even murder. David seem  to have lost the power to deal with the rebellion in his house-hold and kingdom effectively; it was as if his anointing and authority left him for a season and there followed a deluge of crisis anchored by no one else than his own son—Absalom.
The Prophet's Revelation 2017 book on Happenings & Prophecies for the Year
The book of Mathew 10:36 says “A man’s enemies will be those of his household”. It has always been from the olden times and until this day. In Kwara, the same Saraki dislodged his father from politics and today he is their lord in that state.
Absalom started by avenging the raping of his sister Tamar by his half brother, Amnon. He did this after his dad showed nonchalance in settling the internal disputes in his own house. So, Absalom was banned but later forgiven by his father. He came back but with more venom to take over the reigns of power from his father thus, he started his rat race to become the king even while his father was still alive. In the book of 2 Samuel 15 verse 30, David was escaping from his son, Absalom who had decided to take the reign of power from him at all cost. The Bible made us know that David wept as he went up to asylum  by the ascent of Mount Olives with his head covered in total submission and there was no sandal on his feet. He was running away from his own son—Absalom. But something terrible happened to him in verse 31. Someone told David that one of his most trusted aides and counsel, Ahithophel was among the conspirators with AbsalomAhithopeli gbabode!
One of the altar calls in the church
And he replied “O, Lord, I pray, turn the counsel of Ahithopel into foolishness”. Today, can Nigerians pray that God should turn the counsel of every Ahithopel working against the greatness of this country into foolishness? Ahithophel advised Absalom to have carnal knowledge of his father’s concubines (2nd Samuel 16:21-22) and the second advice was for Absalom to help him raise twelve thousand men to pursue and kill David in his conclave—one of the worst thing that can ever happen to a man is to be troubled by members of his own family. But see what happened from Chapter 17 of 2nd Samuel when Hushai, one of David’s spies gave a contrary opinion to Absalom and his cabinet, verse 14 of that chapter said “Absalom and all the men of Israel agreed that  ‘The Advice of Hushai the Archite is better than the advice of Ahithophel’—so Ahithophel failed in his first plot to eliminate David. It stated further in that verse “For the Lord had purposed to defeat the good advice of Ahithophel, to the extent that the Lord might bring disaster on Absalom”.
Some of the female congregants in service
Today, you see one single politician buy everyone with money because he want to remain relevant till tomorrow and next tomorrow, you see politicians forcing candidates on the people at all level, but do they know what the Lord has in package for them. The other day, Tinubu came out to tell the world that he sacrificed his presidential ambition for Buhari and people started wondering. Not too long ago, he revealed again that his ambition to become Vice President of Nigeria was thwarted by El-Rufai and Saraki. Again, you could see counsels upon counsels playing up in that regard. There are many counsels of Ahithophel in Nigeria. Today, Tinubu’s political hegemony is under threat. His counsel with his boys—Fashola and Fayemi has been destroyed by the Lord because he said it in the book of Proverbs 25 verse 14 “Whoever falsely boasts of giving is like clouds and winds without rain” and verse 5 says “Take away the wicked from before the king, and his throne will be established in righteousness”. If you critically look at verses 6 and 7 of that Bible chapter you will find where most of Nigerian politicians failed. In verse 6, He said “Do not exalt yourself in the presence of the king, And do not stand in the place of the great: For it is better he say to you “come up here”. Than you should be put lower in the presence of the prince, Whom your eyes have seen”. Today, Tinubu’s esteem has been put lower to that of some of his boys—Fashola, Fayemi and those he want to preside over. Why?—Nitoripe se la ma saku!
Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu....Best President Nigeria didn't have?
Most of our politicians are in a race to nowhere, the book of Psalm 127  verse 1 has the answer to their blind ambition, it says “Unless the Lord build the House; they labor in vain who build it. Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman stay awake in vain”. The second verse says “It is vain for you to rise up early or sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows; for so He gives His beloved sleep”. It is only God that can give peace without adding sorrow. So why is Saraki so ambitious? Why is Tinubu so ambitious? Ecclesiastes 5 verse 10 already predicted them “He who loves silver would not be satisfied with silver: Nor he who loves abundance with increase. This is also vanity”. Verse 12 even put it succinctly that “The sleep of a laboring man is sweet, whether he eats little or much. But the abundance of the rich will not permit him to sleep”.
 So, if you are busy acquiring real estates in Lagos, Abuja, Dubai and London, you are only reminding death about yourself—Nitoripe Se la ma saku. If you are busy acquiring women of various shapes and shades of character, you are just reminding death how fast it should deal with you in the long run. If you are driving your car and using your telephone at the same time, you are only helping death to make his work quick because—se la ma sa ku. 
The Prophet MKO Tibetan & his Interpreter
Or you are busy buying all the best creams from Dubai to London and Italy, trying to change your skin from black to white, you are still helping death with his job because by the time skin cancer visits you, it will be too late to live another life again. Or you are busy traveling abroad in search of skin beauty or reshaping your clitoris, nose, bum-bum and what have you, it only mean you have forgotten the story of Michael Jackson and Stella Obasanjo; the preacher according to Ecclesiastes 1 verse 2 says “Vanity of vanities”. It says in the two following verses “What profit has a man from all his labor in which he toild under the sun?. One generation passes away and another generation comes. But the earth abides forever”. That is the story of rat-race. A race that is never ever ending anywhere but at the six feet of the earth. Why?—Nitoripe se la ma saku!
Why are you running after power at all cost? Do our politicians read their Bibles? Do they read their Quran? Do they read from history books? Who told you ‘you are great’ when the Lord has not made you great? Ahithophel told Absalom that he is great before Israel but God never sanctioned it.
The Man of God directing altar affairs
So what happened to Ahithophel and his conspiracy? Verse 23 of Chapter 17 of 2nd Samuel says “When Ahithophel saw that his advice was not followed, he saddled a donkey and arose and went home to his house, to his city. Then, he put his household in order, and hanged himself, and died, and he was buried in his father’s tomb”. Ahithophel’s death was the major breakthrough David had and the major loss Absalom suffered. Even though David never wanted the death of his beloved son but Absalom got hung in the course of war against his father. 2nd Samuel 18 verse 9 noted that Absalom’s mule went under the thick boughs of a great terebinth tree and he was left hanging between heaven and earth as the mule left him. In verse 14 and 15, Absalom was struck by agents of Joab, his father’s war chief. He died running for the heart of his father’s kingdom—Absalom sa ku!
It is my Business to run a Genuine Race not a Rat Race
Many top people today are chasing vanities of the soul and body. What on earth will make the husband work in Nigeria and the wife is based in London? Is that marriage or face book friendship? Who is fooling who? Didn’t the Bible say ‘two shall be one and shall live as one flesh?’ so why are you in Nigeria and she is in Dubai, Qatar or Saudi Arabia. In Nigeria, wives of politicians, society big wigs and others will travel to Dubai to go and sleep around with man friends, get little money and buy few sell-able and when they return, they will tell you they went on business trip. The book of Hebrew 13 verse 4 stated it clear that “Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed un-defiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge”. But how many of our women today can vouch of an un-defiled bed when the driver, electrician and practically everyone around has turned madam to a sex-bag. But God said he will judge fornicators and adulterers. You are a man, but majority of your female staff knows the shape of your private part. In fact, they always make a debate of it. Is that life? You are only helping death to remember you in time—nitoripe se la ma sa ku!
Romans 6 verse 1 says “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly shall not”.
The Church
8 things that don't need your telephone number to visit you
Now, I will tell you 8 things that can visit you at any given time without you calling or sending for them;
1.     Crisis: Crisis has the capability to call you at anytime without you giving out your telephone number to it. The recent flood crisis that ravaged Lagos and entered people’s homes and no one could stop it is a good example. That is how crisis operate. Only God can save you from it (Psalm 25:16-17)
2.     Illness: In fact, it can call upon you at anytime and you have no right to cut off the line or hang the phone on him. Illness calls people’s telephone lines direct and does what he wants to do with them and go Scot free. Again it is God that has the power to save you from illness (Psalm 69:20-21)
3.     Temptation: Temptation does not need to get your telephone line from MTN or Glo or Etisalat. It has direct access into your bedroom and it will ride you when you less expect. No wonder, a master will look at the house maid and impregnate her. Again, it is God that can save. (Mathew 4:1-10)
4.     Anger: Anger can even seize you on your best day and just mess the day for you. It will never ask for your telephone line from a neighbor or relative. In fact, it lives inside your house. God is the one that can save you (Psalm 74:1)
5.     Pride: This one again does not need your telephone number from MTN, Etisalat or Glo. It comes straight to you at anytime and destroys you no matter how important you are. You can see what is happening in the APC ruling party in Nigeria now (Proverbs 16:18 & 19)
6.     Sleep/Slumber: Sleep has our telephone lines direct, it does not need to be connected to a mast or anything. We have seen elder statesmen and top politicians sleeping or dozing off at public events. There was a picture of Barrister Raji Fashola sleeping inside the aero plane on a trip that went viral last year. So sleep does not need your telephone line and it is not a respecter of anybody. It can arrest you anywhere and mess you up (1st Samuel 26: 1-12)
7.     Hunger: When hunger visits, you will never know what you are doing until you fill your stomach. It has the power to even change the way you behave and capable of controlling you.
8.     Death: It is the sureth visitor that has all our telephone lines without working with MTN, GLO or Etisalat. Death does not even knock the door before taking away the rich or the poor. Why?—Nitoripe se la ma saku! (2nd Samuel 14:14)
NB: All opinions expressed in the course of this sermon are that of the Preacher and not of this blog.
(The Sermon/message is delivered by Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan, Shepherd-in-charge, Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish, Nigeria. 1-5, Celestial Way, off Zawiyat Street, Abule Iroko, off Abeokuta Express Road by Ajegunle Bus Stop, Ajegunle-Lagos. Tell; +234-8097-861617, 080-5485-3828, 080-37171-730 and 080-57070-783. Dublin Address: 15, Station Street, Balbrigan Co. Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Phone: 009-35389960-9994, 009-3538-7669-6370, 009-3538-6103-3987. London; +447-96171-4893, +447-40542-6336)


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