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Why Actors who chant incantation in movies become wretched in life—Jimoh Aliu (Aworo)

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High Chief Jimoh Aliu  (MFR) aka Aworo with the GDA

Chief Jimoh Aliu (MFR) aka Aworo is a movie legend in Nigeria. He is one of the last soldiers of the olden day’s theatre industry in Nigeria. He started acting in 1956 when Nigeria was yet to discover what is today described as Nollywood. The Oke-Imesi, Ekiti State (South West Nigeria) born actor is today a Cultural Ambassador in Yoruba Land after 60 years on stage as writer, director, producer and actor. An old soldier in the Nigerian Army, Chief Aliu is an encyclopedia of arts. Aworo who is famous for his several TV series of the 80s and 90s e.g. Arelu, Yanponyanrin and Fopomoyo is one celebrity that is a reporter’s delight any day any time.; always full of wits, drama, oriki, native intelligence, wisdom and strength that cannot be compared with anything.
In  this sixth episode of his historic encounter with your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika inside a Lagos 3 Star Hotel suite, Chief Jimoh Aliu, 82 who was on his way to America for a special movie project spoke about the mystery behind calling of incantations in Yoruba movies which has led many to untold mystery of life and profound poverty and even death in most cases. You will find his revelation quite interesting.  Enjoy the excerpts.
Sir, we discovered that some actors who chant incantations (ofo) in movies always grow to become wretched in life with nothing to show for their success. What do you think is responsible for this?
Chief Jimoh Aliu to Asabeafrika...'Actors must know how to apply knowledge when making incantations'

My son that is a good question you asked. That is where some people got their destinies dented for life. That is where some people ran into generational curses and missed their luck. That is where some people’s cloths became red (Aso Pipon). That is where some people became wretched and couldn’t afford three square meals again. Those incantations have their root in various points of creation but if we tell people, they will not agree or they will say our mouth smells. They will say ‘oh, this is where we are going to make success and you cannot tell us how to do it’. You don’t have the code to unlock the Seven Book of Moses, yet you go and buy, brought to your house and start to read it. How do you intend to escape madness?
Chief Jimoh Aliu to Asabeafrika....'If you bring 7 Books of Moses Home and you read without having the code, you will surely run mad'
You will surely run mad. Our actors will go into hard incantation (Asisan) and be throwing it to each other; you will be hitting the ground, calling the names of deities you don’t know their origin. Something happened in my Egbeda house couple of years back, some theater practitioners came for a rehearsal in my house and they were mimicking Esu, Sango and Ogun. They started rehearsing and calling those deities and I said to my wife ‘something will happen this evening o’. I said ‘that Esu they are calling, if I don’t quickly stop it, it could be terrible for them’. People said ‘Baba, you have come again, which Esu are you afraid of? Is it not a play they are rehearsing?’; I said ‘No wahala’.
Chief Jimoh Aliu to Asabeafrika...'Some People recited Esu in my house during rehearsal and Esu appeared to them'
Excuse me sir, by the time they rehearsed for three hours, they started calling me from down stairs to come and help them, the situation had become so tensed that they began to fight and beat each other. It is that spirit they called that has appeared to manifest among them. They never knew the implication will be worse because they were hitting the ground and hitting their head, hitting their legs against the ground. It is that incantation that many people called without having the code and they ran into crisis. Some of them will even go to the extent of carrying amulets, charms and other items on their necks when visiting the market place. Is that how our forefathers put charms and amulets around their necks into the market in their life time? wont the market scatter with all sort of calamities befalling the market?. And if they decorate a stage, maybe it is Sango, maybe Ifa or Orunmila or Olokun or Obatala or Igunukun (deities), the symbol of everyone is different. In my younger days when I used to make incantations (Ofo & Ayajo), when I get somewhere I will withdraw some lines (mimicked it. Watch video on Asabe Afrika TV—on YouTube).
Oba Asa, High Chief Jimoh Aliu aka Aworo
I will say ‘Lagbaja o! Lagbaja o!! Lagbaja o!!! when he says ‘Ohoo’, and I will say ‘Ipe orun ni koo ma je, maje taiye mo’ and I lost three children within three days. When that happened to me as personal experience and I am not a kid, I took it as my own experience. You must learn to remove some certain lines from the incantation you are presenting, don’t let it be full. You say ‘oh, this thing we are saying is for drama sake not for real o’ we are not calling you for real. It is not all incantation that you put something in your mouth to call. It is like someone reciting Psalm, if we have Holy Bible here right now, I would have made an incantation for you now and tell you to go and cross check it in the Bible. There are some places in the Holy Bible that even those who are pastors will never touch.
Chief Jimoh Aliu to Asabeafrika...'I love make research on esoteric things and find their correlation with the Bible & Quran 
They will not even go to those portion but people like us love to make researches. If I go to Mecca, I don’t stay under the tent because I have gone there to learn lesson and all my three wives have visited Mecca so that my Mecca will be completed. Some people will even sell their wives’ Mecca slot to make money. At least, people I have been able to sponsor to Mecca are going to 20. I could have taken their money and spend it but that can destroy my heavenly grace (Alikiamah). So, all these things that people are doing wrongly in terms of incantation, they should seek for knowledge to escape from the wrath. There is one Quranic incantation (Sausau) if they want to use it to pray for you, they must buy at least a fowl or any blooded animal.
Chief Jimoh Aliu to Asabeafrika...'There are some spiritual incantation that demand blooded animal'
If they finish doing the prayer for you if they are not careful, for an entire three months they might be financially broke. Oh! May God bless the spirit of late Pa Ogunde, he was an enigma. He will say ‘Jimoh, oya write it this way in the script before handing it over to them’, there is incantation for wealth (Ofo Awure), there is incantation for wisdom (Ofo Isoye) and many other incantations. But you must be intelligent enough to use them for their various purposes or else it could portend mystery for the user.  
You mean you worked with late Pa Ogunde?
The GDA with Pa Jimoh Aliu aka Aworo
Everything you see in Ogunde’s film, I am the one that decorates them. From Props to stage crafts, I did everything. You can ask from any of Ogunde’s children. All those bizarre stages on Ogunde’s stage I did everything. Apart from Ofo, we also have different kinds of Ayajo that I teach younger artistes and that is why I was successful because I served Pa Ogunde religiously, with truth and honesty and I served his wives with truth and honesty. I thank God for the experience. (Register to watch video interview of Chief Jimoh Aliu on Asabe Afrika TV on Youtube by typing GbengaDanAsabe and subscribe)

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