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Sunday Sermon: Nitori ti a je Adahunse (We are Fabricators)

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Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan, CCC, Elisha Parish (Europe & Nigeria)

The topic of our sermon today is something that will tell us how far a man can go in his own private intention to amaze God and how God’s will had always over taken man’s will. From the beginning of the world, man have always tried hard to out smart God but God has always been patient enough to over-ride the will of man—nitoripe a je Adahunse! Man is a fabricator of his own experience which in most cases does not tally with God’s will and intention. No wonder the philosopher said “man propose but God disposes”—nitoripe a je adahunse (We are fabricators).

In the book of Genesis chapter 2 from verse 8, God planted a Garden eastward in Eden and there He put the man He created in Genesis 1 verse 27. His plan for man was quite different but unknown to him, man had his own plan nitori ti a je adahunse—man was going to fabricate his own experience. In verse 15, the Bible said “Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it” and in verse 16 & 17, God commanded man saying “Of every three of the garden you may freely eat. But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die”.
Mankind is guilty of Adam's Apple
That was the story of how death crept into creation.
But because God was very sensitive to Adam’s situation, He never wanted him to be lonely and frustrated, so He created for him a partner in verse 21-23 which Adam proudly christened ‘a woman because she is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh’ not flesh of the beast God created for Adam to christen. Therefore, Adam got a reasoning helper in Eve. But man is a fabricator. God soon realized that in Genesis 3 when the serpent tricked the woman to eat out of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil and the woman in turn tricked the man God created to eat of the fruit as well.
The Prophet manning his altar
So, when God visited that evening and called unto Adam, he hid himself because both he and his wife had broken the rule—their eyes were already opened for they had sex. So when the landlord of the Garden, God Himself called unto his tenant saying ‘Where are you?’ Adam quickly replied “I heard Your voice in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself”. And from there, the interrogation, the curses and the sack began. God sacked Adam and his wife from the Garden of Eden with heavy curses accompanying them. Why? Nitori pe won je adahunse—they fabricated their own experience without God’s permission.
Bishop Oyedepo of Winners Chapel with his friend, ex-President Goodluck Jonathan after arrival from a Prayer feast in Israel
Man will always be wise in his own thinking but God’s foolishness is superior to man’s wisdom. It means a man’s wisdom is foolishness before God, if not Ibrahim Babangida with all his efforts at betraying his friend  MKO Abiola and killing of several military officers in the Ejigbo plane crash would have remained in power and made himself life president. But his wisdom was foolishness before God. MKO Abiola himself had married from several tribes in Nigeria; he married from  ibo, Youruba, Urhobo, Edo, Efik, Hausa and many other tribes. His belief was that such a passion will earn him Nigeria’s presidency at a later date. He did not stop there, he equally took chieftaincy titles from many towns and cities across Nigeria but all was nil because MKO Abiola was a fabricator, IBB was a fabricator, Abacha was a fabricator, even Obasanjo is a fabricator. Upon all his intention to install a sick Yar Adua and remote Nigeria through him, even up to installing Goodluck Jonathan after Yar Adua’s death, all came to nil. Why? Nitori ti won je adahunse!
Some Members of his congregation during a sermon
The other day, we had 26 private jets landing in Minna—Niger State for IBB’s daughter’s wedding as wife NO 3 to a business man from Gombe. Can we say that is an achievement? Who among his children have been able to upheld their marriage? Did IBB ever think judgement will come in this dimension? The book of Job 3 verse 25 says “For the things I greatly feared has come upon me; And what I dreaded as happened to me”; all he fabricated has come to nil.
But in Genesis chapter 4, we got to know the brand of sin committed by Adam with his wife as he said ‘I can see that the Lord is now pleased with me for I bear a son after meeting my wife’. They had Cain & Abel. But in the process of time, Cain killed Abel because Abel’s fat offerings to God and his (Cain’s) mushroom offerings that were rejected. (Gen. 4:1-15). Evil befell Adam’s family from the beginning as he lost a precious son and for him not to lose Cain, God marked Cain as a vagabond on the surface of the earth. That was the beginning of the many crisis that was to befall mankind due to man’s intention to fabricate and not wait unto God.
'Nitori ti a je adahunse' Prophet Tibetan noted
Fact is there is nobody in this country that can sex a woman like a soldier—eni to ma b’obinrin sun bii soldier, won o tii bii. And it is quite dangerous to make a child born by a police officer to guide your money or treasury—omo t’olopa ba bii, o soro fi s’idi owo. If a police’s son or daughter goes to the university to read banking and finance, the senate of the school ought to give him or her a second degree because she has just been armed—Omo Olopa to lo se banking and finance, second degree lo ye kan fun nitori oro n’bole bo! Why? Because the book of  John Chapter 5 verse 20 says “For the Father loves the son and shows Him all things that He Himself does in like manner” and in Ezekiel 16:44 says ‘Like mother, like daughter’.
The Prophet's 2005 Prediction book
We can not be smarter than God in our dealings, God is the master planner. When most of our leaders wanted to marry their wives, they didn’t consult God. When Buhari, Obasanjo, Shagari,  Ooni of Ife and even Oyedepo married their wives, they never consulted God. In fact, Oyedepo married his wife as a pagan—no church prayer or whatever nitori pe won je adahunse (They are all fabricators).
That is why many of them went astray having multiple affairs, some of them kept several concubines and lived an amorous life style. Some of them return home with lip stick stuck on their dresses while some have spam netting their under-wears and all sort of rubbish. Why? Because they are all fabricators, they are inventors of bad things—won je adahunse!.
Members of the Choir performing
Our politicians stole and keep stealing  so much and built tall mansions across cities and filled their garage with luxury cars but most of those houses are filled with nasty children—children like Cain, children like Absalom, children like Jezebel, wayward and un-ethical children. They are victims of their misdeeds nitori ti won je adahunse! When they become rich, they started to fabricate so many bad things—like marrying many wives and raising illegal children.
The story of King Ahab and Naboth’s vineyard in 1st Kings chapter 21 from verse 1 speaks volume of man’s capacity for fabrication. King Ahab saw the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite and he wanted it for himself at all cost; wanting to use it for planting of vegetable. But because Naboth refused to sell out his inheritance to the the king, the king devised a means to take the vineyard from him at all cost—he reported Naboth to his wayward wife Jezebel.
The Prophet's 2017 Prophetic Revelation Book
 The book of Proverbs chapter 16 verse 27 says “An ungodly man digs up evil, and it is on his lips like a burning fire”. King Ahab dug up an evil by reporting Naboth to his evil wife; and what did she advised him to do? In verse 7 Jezebel said to Ahab “You now exercise authority over Israel! Arise, eat food, and let your heart be cheerful; I will give you the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite” she assured him. Why? Nitori ti Jezebeli je adahunse!
In fact, she was the one who even called her secretary and designed the letter with the insignia of the king, asking the elders who dwell in the city with Naboth to arrange an occasion to frame him up saying “Naboth has blasphemed God and the king”. Of course, Naboth was killed and his vineyard was taken over by the king at the instance of Jezebel because Jezebel was a fabricator. She fabricated the instance that led to Naboth’s death and the taken over of his expensive vinyard. But God had his own plan. Jezebel and her husband joined forces to kill Naboth and the book of Proverb chapter 11 verse 21 says “Though they join forces, the wicked will not go unpunished; but the posterity of the righteous will be delivered”
The Prophet & some members of his congregation after a service in Nigeria
So God sent in Elijah to tell Naboth inside the stolen vineyard of Naboth in verse 19 of 1st King 21 that “In the place where dogs licked the blood of Naboth, dogs shall lick your blood, even yours (his wife)” and Ahab asked the Prophet “Have you found me, oh my enemy?” and the Prophet said to him “I have found you, because you have sold yourself to do evil in the sight of the Lord. Behold, I will bring calamity on you, I will take away your prosperity, and I will cut off from Ahab every male in Israel, both bond and free” (Verse 20-21).
Patience Jonathan & her husband, the Prophet said they re-enacted the 'Naboth yard scandal'
But in 1st Kings 22 from verse 29-40, we saw how King Ahab died shamelessly in a battle in the hand of the Syrians. Although the king was brought to Samaria for burial but the word of God came to pass in verse 38 “Then someone washed the chariot at a pool in Samaria, and the dogs licked up his blood while the harlot bathed according to the word of the Lord which he had spoken”. Ahab’s sin simply located  him at the end as stated in Numbers 32:23 “But if you do not do so, then take note, you have sinned against the Lord; and be sure, your sin will find you out”. Mathew 24 verse 35 says “Heaven and Earth will pass away but my word will by no means pass away”
Today we have many Ahabs and Jezebels in Nigeria. People who have taken what does not belong to them; they stole what belonged to the poor but God said he will surely judge them.
Ex-First Lady, Patience Jonathan, ex-Speaker Dimeji Bankole & Patience's bosom friend, Hajia Bola Shagaya
In year 2013 we all saw the Biblical Naboth vineyard scenerio re-played itself in Abuja—Nigeria when Patience the wife of Goodluck Jonathan decided to take over a land belonging to her predecessor, Turai Yar Adua, using the then minister of FCT Bala Mohammed to revoke the land and re-allocated same to her self.  The land was allocated to Turai for her NGO  (WAYEF) in 2010 but Patience just like Jezebel used her husband’s influence as serving President through the FCT minister appointed by her husband to re-allocate the land to her own NGO (AFLPM) but as God would have it, she lost the land back to Turai after an Abuja court gave judgement against her. Today, Patience has lost all the monies she forcefully stole as first lady to the anti-graft war of Buhari, why? Because like Adam, like Jezebel, like Ahab she is a fabricator—Nitori o je adahun se!
CCC, Elisha Parish

…to be continued.
NB: All opinions expressed in the course of this sermon are that of the Preacher and not of this blog.
(The Sermon/message is delivered by Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan, Shepherd-in-charge, Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish, Nigeria. 1-5, Celestial Way, off Zawiyat Street, Abule Iroko, off Abeokuta Express Road by Ajegunle Bus Stop, Ajegunle-Lagos. Tell; +234-8097-861617, 080-5485-3828, 080-37171-730 and 080-57070-783. Dublin Address: 15, Station Street, Balbrigan Co. Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Phone: 009-35389960-9994, 009-3538-7669-6370, 009-3538-6103-3987. London; +447-96171-4893, +447-40542-6336)


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