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How Madam Veronica Igiebor (Nee Aigbangbee) went home on her B’day in Benin City

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The Body of Late Mama Agberawenhosefe Veronica Igiebor in her final state

A crowd of mourners and friends of the family were in Benin capital of Edo State (Southern Nigeria) on Friday, June 30, to bid a final farewell to Madam Agberawenhosefe Veronica Igiebor (Nee Aigbangbee). Ironically and maybe by a stroke of fate, that day turned out to be the day she was born into the world some fifty eight years ago—her birth day. It means Mama went back to mother earth on her birth date. That could only happen to a few  set of people in this world.

Madam Agberawenhosefe Veronica Igiebor’s final journey home began with grand celebration with children,
The Late Mama Agberawonhosefe Veronica Igiebor (Nee Aibangbee)
relatives and well-wishers dancing alongside the motorcade that took her body from God’s Care Mortuary on Ekewan Road, Benin City to
27, Enabulele Street, off Uwelu Road, Ogida Quarters for lying in state. The  journey which was an expanded one amidst huge celebration alongside a convoy of about 30 cars arrived Ogida Quarters for a greater celebration of a woman described as kind, humane and enterprising in her life time.

The nook and crannies of Ogida Quarters, off Uwelu Road, Benin City came alive as family, friends, well-wishers and guests from all walks of life received Mama’s body at the family house. The burial rite started with a service of songs cum Wake Keep Service/lying in State which enabled children and grand children to converge and share old time memories of the great woman.

A team of clergies from Holy Spirit Mission Church on Iyalakhue Street, Off Textile Mill Road, Benin City directed affairs of the event. The Service of songs began with an opening prayer which was followed with series of praise & worship rendition. The next segment had deceased’s children stepping forward to give eulogies and encomium for their beloved mum.  Her second son, Comrade Igiebor Samuel Eghe (aka R.O.C) jolted the crowd of mourners to reality of the moment, as he took permission from the presiding priest for a birthday song to be sung in honor of his beloved mother. This singular act moved many to tears as the sentiment of having a person go to rest with the Lord on her birth date hit their emotions. It was mixed reaction as the guest joined Comrade Samuel Igiebor to honor his mother’s memory with a birthday song.
Mama's younger sister, Mrs. Omoniyi (Mama Tayo)
The Clergy, Pastor Chuks Onyibe...giving the sermon at Mama's Service of Songs/Wake Keep
An Associate Pastor delivering intercession prayers

One of the presiding priests, Pastor Chuks Onyibe offered word of exhortation which was complemented with messages on life and death of a believer with Biblical verses taken directly from the Holy Bible. A special prayer for the deceased was later rendered by her children, priests and relatives. The last segment of the two hours ceremony had body of ministers asking the children to come forward for a special prayer. Guests were later treated to light refreshment after the benediction.
Family and well-wisher pose with Mama for the last time
Mama's sons, Ikpomwonsa and Samuel bade their mum for the last time
The last sermon for Mama
Mama's body being lowered into her final resting place
Prayer for the departed
The gold cross coffin of late Mama Agberawenhosefe Veronica Igiebor
And Mama goes home...
The Last Prayer
The Benediction
Mama's children and the clergy in a last minute dust-to-dust rites
Prayer, sermon & benediction
Mama's body arrives

On Saturday 1st July, 2017 Madam Agberawenhosefe Veronica Igiebor (Nee Aigbangbee) began her final journey home as the body left Ogida Quarters to Iguakolo. Like the first day, Mama’s body traveled in a hearse amidst a convoy of about 30 cars which led the body to Iguokolo amidst musical praise and celebration. 
On standby to welcome the family at Iguakolo was a team of Holy Spirit Mission Church ministers led by Pastor Chuks Onyibe who opened the ceremony with a sacred prayer of transition on the body of the deceased before other family rites and interment took place. The peak of the event was the lowering of the body of Madam Agberawenhosefe Veronica Igiebor (Nee Aigbangbee) into the soil as children took turn to give their final respect with the dust-to-dust rite. It was such a moving moment for the children as they shed their last emotion for a mother who raised them from cradle to creativity.
Guests serenade Mama's 2nd son, Comrade Igiebor Samuel Eghe as he stormed the stage
Guests serenade Mama's first son, Mr. Ikpomwonsa Christopher as he stormed the stage
Comrade Igiebor Samuel Eghe in his element
Mama's 2nd son, Comrade Igiebor Samuel Eghe enjoying the moment on stage with well-wishers
Mama's son, Ikpomwonsa Christopher enjoys moment with guests 
Mama's first son, Mr. Ikpomwonsa Christopher in a light mood with guests
Mama's son, Comrade Igiebor Samuel Eghe
Mama's second son, Comrade Igiebor Samuel Eghe on the band stand
Mama's first son, Mr. Ikpomwonsa Christopher in a jolly mood with a guest
Mama's sons: Mr. Ikpomwonsa Christopher (R) and Comrade Eghe Samuel Igiebor (L)

Family and well-wishers bid Madam Agberawenhosefe Veronica Igiebor (Nee Aigbangbee) goodbye as they returned to Benin City for the last leg of the event which is a grand reception at the family house—Ogida Quarters—No 27, Enabulele street off Uwelu Road—Benin City. Guests trooped in from all walks of life as they all came to pay their last respect to Madam Agberawenhosefe Veronica Igiebor (Nee Aigbangbee) and equally console the family. Entertainment was supplied by the famous Benin High Life Band, Ukodo Life Band. There was more than enough to eat and drink as choice drinks and sumptuous meals were served to the crowd of guests that attended.
On Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 children of late Madam Agberawenhosefe Veronica Igiebor (Nee Aigbangbee) congregated at Holy Spirit Mission Church, 4, Iyalakhue Street, off Evbareke Street by Textile Mill Road—Benin City  for an all-inclusive Thanks Giving Offering Service which saw them thanking God for the grace to celebrate their mother in death.
Comrade Eghe Samuel Igiebor on the dance floor
Mama's first son, Mr. Ikpomwonsa Christopher
Mama's sons Mama's Church members
Mama's sons, Mr. Ikpomwonsa Christopher (L), Mr. Osas Igiebor (M) and Comrade Igiebor Samuel Eghe (R)

In the middle of the service, the Presiding minister called out the children of the deceased for a special thanksgiving offering. The entire Family which comprises children, siblings and relatives filed out to appreciate God for His mercy in their lives and for a successful funeral outing the previous day. They danced to several praise songs rendered by the choir and equally graced the offering bags accordingly. 
Profile of Madam Veronica Igiebor
The Late Mama Agberawenhosefe Veronica Igiebor (Nee Aibangbee)
 Madam Agberawenhosefe Veronica Igiebor (Nee Aigbangbee) Late Pa Sunday Igiebor’s wife was born into the family of Pa and Lady Aibangbee in 1959.  She grew up in Benin City under the tutelage of her parents who gave her some of the best trainings life could offer. The only snag was the fact that she lost her dad at a very tender age. After her secondary school education, she learnt the skill of marketing and later established her own fabric business at the famous Uwa Market in Benin City. She grew to be loved by friends, family and well-wishers. In her life time, Veronica was not just hard working, but was equally a caring, loving and very hospitable wife, mother and sister. She could go to any extent to make her children happy and equally make her husband achieve his goal and objectives. According to a family source who spoke to Asabeafrika “Mama can go to any length even if it means selling her last wrapper to ensure that her children’s needs are met” “She will do that ten times for you if you are her child, husband or sibling. She was an epitome of kindness”.
There was no doubt that both Vero and her late husband Sunday had a glorious living experience on earth. What is however surprising to many is the way the two used their demise to tell the world that ‘What God has joined together, let no death put asunder’. As husband and wife, their life was said to have influenced other people’s lives. But Veronica suffered a brief illness in the later part of 2016 which she couldn’t pull through from, and at exactly 10:46 pm on Wednesday November 16th, she went to be with the Lord.
Mama's Husband who passed away two weeks after her demise to join her in Love
 On learning of his wife’s death, Sunday fell sick. He was love stricken. He couldn’t imagine a world without his loving Vero beside him. He took ill and joined Vero 16 days later. The super tailor of Benin City went to be with his beloved wife on Friday, December 2nd, 2016, sixteen clear days from the date of her demise.  He was buried early in the year.
 Tributes by Mama’s Children
Comrade Igiebor Samuel Eghe aka R.O.C.
 While Speaking with this blog, Mama’s second son, Comrade Igiebor Samuel Eghe aka R.O.C described his mum as a woman with milk of human kindness flowing in her gene “My Mum was a very kind and caring mother who took education and discipline serious in her life time
He continued “She was a loving and caring mother who showed love endlessly. Self sacrifice was the only way of life she knew, she gave even when she doesn't have. I am yet to see someone like that, someone who is ready to sacrifice her last penny for you.  My mother was not just kind to her children alone, she extended same gesture to friends, family and relatives, and in fact she was very hospitable and also had a forgiving heart”.
Mama's Event Invite Card
“When she loved, it was from the depth of her heart, when she gave, she gave all. When she speaks, even the Lord listened. To others, she may be just a woman, but to us she is a Mother, good wife, Confidant, Protector, and Intercessor. She bore affliction with a smile, even till her last day on earth”
Comrade Igiebor who was emotional while speaking gave more insight to the personality of his beloved mother in the home fronts “She was a wonderful Wife to our Father. I think She was a very peculiar person because she lived above her age; since I was born and right from my growing years to my adult age, and even up to when I became a man, I have never seen my Mum Insult my dad. In fact, I used to tell my friends that my Mum is a matrimonial mentor to most women because she is so articulate in handling marital matter. I wouldn’t know where she got that sense”

“My parting words to her is this ‘MUM, you will forever remain in our heart, rest in the bosom of the Almighty God until we meet again and depart no more”

In her own tribute to her mum, Mama’s last child and only daughter Miss Onaiwu Blessing Igiebor aka BBG  described her mum as her hero “My Mother is ‘rare gem, she was a caring mother, a woman of honor who will go out of her way to do things for us just to make us comfortable. I will really miss her because she was my hero, my mentor, my all in all and everything good you can think of”
Mama's daughter Miss Igiebor Blessing aka BBG

On her relationship with mu, BBG said “Mum was so concerned about my career and encouraged me to be hard working. My Mother work hard to support my father so  that I and my siblings can go to school and amount to something in life but unfortunately God called her home and took her from us when we least expected. My word for her is simple, ‘MUM, we love you but God loves you most. Rest in peace, my loving and wonderful Mum”

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