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Day Eminent Ladies went Hip and jazzy for Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Ojugbele @ B’day bash in Lagos

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Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele with Chief (Mrs.) Kemi Nelson & other APC Women Leaders at her bash

Brilliant articulation in the planning stages is the special ingredient that turns a small event into a unique one.
Children of Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Ojugbele a Lagos female politician and APC woman leader in Ojokoro land, Lagos State, South West Nigeria, reaped bountifully, the rewards of good planning when they decided to mark their mother’s birthday couple of weeks back in Lagos.
A Blessed Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele
Although, the celebration was meant to be a low key event but it turned out to be an extra-ordinary celebration with the Prime Water-view Garden, Lekki venue of the bash becoming electrified with an influx of top society ladies and politicians from all walks of life that came to celebrate with the lovely and cheerful.

According to Mr. Olukayode Idowu, her first son who spoke exclusively to Asabeafrika, “this event was planned in a week. She told us she would like to mark her birthday and we honored her wish but what we saw today is a testament to mum’s goodwill. We are overwhelmed”.
Birthday 'Girl' with 2 of her intimate friends, Amori Odumosu & Omolara Osipitan
Princess Omolara Osipitan with Chief (Mrs.) Amori Odumosu
Princess Rose Omolara Osipitan, C.E.O. First Royal Oil Ltd
Celebrant with Princess Ajike Sule
Celebrant with a cream of friends
Celebrant with her loving Guest
Celebrant with Friend, Alake Adejonwo Oshun, CEO, Jonshland Royal Castle
With Mrs. Alake Adejonwo Oshun
The Celebrant arrives with her son & two intimate friends
Celebrant with a friend
Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele, an international business woman turned politician is one of the wives of Lagos based real estate merchant, Chief Lamina Ojugbele. Her birthday event was marked with class and panache with the presence of the All Progressive Party (APC) South West, Nigeria woman leader, and former Commissioner for Women Affairs in Lagos State, Chief (Mrs.) Kemi Nelson dotting the occasion as Special Guest of Honor.
'We won't rest until we finish our money on you'
The Young Ladies
Many serenade the celebrant with their presence
Everyone had enough to eat and drink
Checking out on her guests
A guest
Jolly Dance by elderly guests
Lady Guests
A dance of admiration for him...
'A dance with Madam Socopao'
Celebrant with friend, Lady Socopao
The event started in the early part of the day with special prayers by selected clerics who showered prayers on the celebrant inside the Lekki-Lagos apartment of one of her daughters, before the social segment of the event which began at 12pm inside Prime Water Garden, Lekki-Lagos. The naturally endowed swimming pool side of the garden played host to an array of friends and political well-wishers who came to felicitate with the very pretty and charming Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Ojugbele.
'Shakiti-Mama' for the Celebrant
'Dancing & Smiling'
'Oya make we dance for Ojugbele'
The Celebrant and her guests
A dance with 'Big Sis' by Agege LGA boss, Egunjobi
The Dancing Spree by Mamas
Celebrant dances with friend
The Dance Hour with Celebrant
Madam First Royale & Madam Rizi Fashion in a tete-a-tete
Sumptuous Nigerian and continental cuisines specially prepared by expert hands were provided in good quality and quantity as guests enjoyed music from a Deejay engaged for the event. Special numbers of Juju Music Legend, Commander turned Evangelist Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi (MFR) wafted through the air as matured women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s danced to the beautiful songs and jogged their legs to the rhythms blaring from the speakers.
The GDA meets the Celebrant as Madam First Royale looks on
Dance Hour with the men and the mamas
A female guests from Ojokoro LCDA
Chief (Mrs.) Risikat Amori Odumosu, Rizi Fashions
Lady Bristo (L) with a Guest
The celebrant who first appeared to her guests in a blue lace iro and buba attire later changed to a pink colored silk evening gown as the event witnessed influx of more dignitaries who blocked the day to celebrate with Basirat Ojugbele.
Why we love Ojugbele—Guests
Your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity encounter blog, Asabeafrika spoke to selected  guests at the occasion and the gush of goodwill messages were extra-ordinary.
The All Progressive Party (APC) woman leader for South West and former commissioner for women affairs in Lagos State, Chief (Mrs.) Kemi Nelson was first to speak about Ojugbele “She is a very compassionate woman, she is up to her task and a well grounded leader. Well, I thank God for her life. She is looking good for her age and I wish her many happy returns, long live and good healthy, the ex- women affairs commissioner intoned.
Alhaja Gbadeyanka (R) with others serenade celebrant
Celebrant in a jolly mood with friends
Celebrant with friends
The Celebrant in a jolly mood
The Mamas dance away their pressures
A 'bum dance' for celebrant by Princess Ajike Sule
The GDA with Celebrant's friends & associates
'Let us dance with Basirat'
Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Ojugbele with 2 intimate friends, Princess Rose Osipitan & Madam Amori Odumosu
Dancing Time with Friends
The Celebrant with friend, Chief (Mrs.) Risikat Amori Odumosu
Hon. Egunjobi, Agege LGA Chair & others
Princess Omolara Rose Osipitan, daughter & Chief (Mrs.) Risikat Odumosu
The GDA with Princess Roseline Osipitan, her daughter & Chief (Mrs.) Risi Odumosu
The Executive Chairman, Agege Local Government Area of Lagos, Alhaji Abdul Ganiyu Okunola Egunjobi was next to speak to this blog. The amiable and lanky politician who stormed the event with his team from Agege had this to say of the celebrant “Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Ojugbele is a mother and sister”.
Chief (Mrs.) Kemi Nelson takes her leave
Friends blocked date for Basirat Ojugbele
A cake for mum by children
Lady Alake Adejonwo Oshun
Celebrants' friends
Agege LGA boss, Chief Egunjobi with celebrant & her sons
A Pretty Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele
Celebrant with second & last son
Celebrant with first & second sons
Last son, Demola Ojugbele shows love to mum with a bright kiss
Egunjobi pursed and continued speaking “In fact, she is a wonderful mother to us. What I know about her is the fact that she is a wonderful woman, a down to earth woman leader and I implore other mothers to learn her ways of life. I have known her for over ten years and I can conveniently say she is a wonderful woman”.
On what Egunjobi thinks of Ojugbele’s leadership stride, he replied “I have always seen her playing her role admirably. That is why I said she is a wonderful woman; and as a woman leader, she is playing her role for the women, meeting the challenges of widows and the less privileged ones in the society”
The Celebrant gets a 'big size' love
Leaders from Surulere & Agege LGA in show of love to the celebrant
Agege LGA Chairman, Chief Egunjobi & his men shows love to a worthy woman leader
Celebrant with a friend
Celebrant, Chief Mrs. Basirat Ojugbele
Celebrant with friends
Celebrant with the GDA
Celebrant with her Deputy at Ojokoro LCDA
Celebrant with Lady Bristo
Celebrant with her P.A. Mrs. Adaramaja
Celebrant gets loads of Naira 'love'
Alhaja Ninalowo serenade the celebrant with a dance
Younger friends of celebrant
Celebrant with Chief (Mrs.) Kemi Nelson and her team
With Ladies from Agege LGA
Friends love Basirat the 'Birthday Girl'
Celebrant in quality mood with friends
Friends of the Celebrant
Celebrated by Male Guests
Her sibling and rival showed love to her because of her unlimited humility
Ladies from Corporate Nigeria showed love to 'Birthday Girl'
The Men from Agege in rare pose with the Celebrant
'Birthday Girl' with her friends
The men equally have a smile for the birthday 'girl'
A funky guest dances for the celebrant
'Welcome to my gig' Basirat says to her guest
The Celebrant gets showers of love from female executives from Ojokoro
Women Executives from Agege
Some APC Women Executives from Ojokoro

Chief (Mrs.) Bola Britto is APC Woman Leader in Agege LGA and President, Conference 57, a conglomerate of women leaders in Lagos State. She was pleased to tell Asabeafrika what she knew about the celebrant. Hear her, “Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Ojugbele is my sister, she is my friend and she is my mother as well. I so love her very much and proud to be here to celebrate with her because she is my sister”.
On what Britto thinks of the celebrant’s leadership stride, she replied thus “As a woman leader, she is nice, she is humble, and she is very good to me and every other person in her local government area and in our women forum in Lagos State”
Quality meal for every one
The Celebrant in a the thick of the celebration
Guests celebrating with the celebrant
Guests serenade Celebrant with wads of Cash
Guests had sumptuous meal
Princess Ajike Sule, a business woman and friend of the celebrant gave her own version of the personality of Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele “Ah, Basirat Ojugbele Olayinka is a lovely lady, caring and very honest a woman, she is friendly”
She revealed more about the celebrant “If you talk about things one can learn from her life, she is very given. She is a good giver. Very honest to friends, I mean dedicated friends. When it comes to friendship, she is number one. I thank God for her life and I am proud to be here to celebrate with her”
Her beauty glows afresh...
The Love of her Heart...
A dancing queen in her beauty
The Birthday Girl lost to joy and happiness
The Birthday Girl in a spur of dance
A Damsel in her advanced beauty
A jolly 'Abebi' in her element
Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Ojugbele
Chief (Mrs.) Alake Adejonwo Oshun is the founder of Jonshland Castle and Suites, GbagadaLagos, she described Ojugbele as an epitome of humility “She is a decent woman, a giver, a humble achiever and a very honest friend. She is my best friend because she is never afraid to say it the way it is. I am honored to be with her today”.
Alhaja Aderonke Ilori is the APC Woman Leader for Surulere Local Government Area and she has words for the celebrant “I will describe Mrs. Ojugbele as my honorable colleague, she is APC woman leader for Ojokoro Local Government Area and I am the woman leader for  Surulere local government area; even Britto, she is from Agege. So we are like a happy family, she is my sister and I love her. She told me she is having her birthday today and I told her that I will be there and I came down to celebrate with her
Describing her leadership qualities, the Surulere APC Woman leader said her Ojokoro counterpart is more than a mother “Yes, Mrs. Ojugbele is a mother, a busy and kind woman. I think the presence of women from all walks of life can attest to what I have just said. I am proud to be associated with her”.
The Celebrant with Admirers
For Alhaja Mopelola Odetola, Deputy Woman Leader, Ojokoro LCDA, it was a moment to define the meaning of having a good boss, “I feel very, very delighted and I thank God for her life. I thank God for her life and for the lives of her children and for the leadership style she is using with us in Ojokoro land”.
 Odetola continued “She is a mother, she is a leader. In fact, Alhaja Basirat Ojugbele is a full time politician; and she is directing us (women) in Ojokoro, in the right direction. We really, really appreciate her. And I pray and pray fervently for her that Almighty Allah should continue to grace her life, Almighty Allah should continue to guide and guard her. Almighty Allah should protect her life for us. We, her lieutenants are equally praying to grow to her age and surpass it. I wish her a blissful birthday, long live and prosperity
Celebrant with a Guest
On the secret of APC’s rise in Ojokoro land, Odetola educated us further “Ojokoro is a very peaceful place, we don’t bear grudges against ourselves; we are going on same direct lane. Anywhere our leaders direct us is where we go. No antagonism, no grudges, no fighting, nothing. Ojokoro is growing higher and higher and we thank God for His blessings and the goodwill of people like Alhaja Basirat Ojugbele”
In her own words, Alhaja  Mordinat Yussuf, an APC lady executive from Ojokoro LCDA described the celebrant in the following words “She (Ojugbele) is my friend, very good friend. She is an amazing and unique personality. She is very nice, she is accommodating and she is friendly. She helps people in so many ways and I think that is quite rare of her. I wish her long live and prosperity with the attendant prayer that God will give her the grace to eat the fruit of her labor”
With Friends in the mood of celebration
Princess Idowu Adeogun an executive staff of Ojokoro LCDA seems to understand the celebrant better than other political guests. Hear her “The celebrant happens to be my political mother, a mentor, a very good one. And she is a woman of integrity, she is very generous. She is very accommodating, she is very nice and she is a very frank woman. She is straight forward and very frank. And that is one of the qualities that I actually admire in her because I am somebody who is straight forward and very frank as well”.
In a mood of celebration
The Woman Leader & Her Cake
Mum & Her Cake
Birthday Girls cuts her cake
Adeogun spoke futher “I am a honest person, I will not miss my word or break my bond. And these are the kind of people that we actually need in Nigeria—straight-to-the-point kind of people. People who do not suffer fools gladly, I pray God bless her new age and I wish her long live and the good health to eat the fruit of her labor because she is quite hard working and like I said earlier, she is very generous and accommodating. She welcomes a lot of people around her. Whenever you are with her, you can never be bored”
Some of the celebrant’s  friends in the business world opened up to Asabeafrika. One of them is Alhaja Risikat Gbadeyanka, wife of MITV boss, Alhaji Murithala Gbadeyanka. She simply described the celebrant as ‘My Mother’ “I am proud of Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Ojugbele, she is a nice woman and I always call her ‘my mum’. Yes, I call her my mum because she is older than i. She is just very dynamic and very unassuming. I feel happy to be here today to celebrate with her”
A Charming & Stunning Lady of Style
The Celebrant, Mrs. Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele
Princess Roseline Omolara Osipitan, founder/CEO, First Royal Oil and Gas Ltd was next to speak. She has equally come a long way with the celebrant and it reflected in her tribute, “Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Ojugbele is a nice person, she is lovely, she is kind and I wish her many happy returns, long live—Olorun a da awon omo si, ise a ma lo s’iwaju. A de ni a lot of long live” she concluded with lots of enthusiasm on her face.
Chief (Mrs.) Risikat Amori Odumosu, CEO, Rizi Fashions and Iyalaje of Gutter Market, Lagos Island was next to give a tribute. This very beautiful and gifted celebrity lady who loves to keep to her-self has this to say of the celebrant “She is a very nice person, she is very committed. You know if you are committed, you have everything; Mrs. Basirat Ojugbele is a down-to-earth person but equally frank. She is a factual person. Again, when you are factual, it is every value you have. And it is the best of the values to have. Being factual is being realistic. I have been in trading all my life but I respect being frank and that’s why I like her (Ojugbele). You know when you are factual; you will have so many enemies. I am equally factual”.
Children & siblings salute Ojugbele…
“Alhaja Ojugbele is a wonderful woman” that is how Otunba Musiliu Olanrewaju Apena (Otunba of Ikate Land) described his elder sister.
The Otunba Apena of Ikate land who is the last born of the family described his sister further “She is so accommodating; she is so nice and she really takes care of the family. She is a mother, someone who welcomes everybody. She considers family issue first before her own problem. So, I have never ever regretted being a blood brother because she is a wonderful woman. In fact, I don’t know which word to use to qualify her good character. Well, the only thing I can say is that when next I am coming to this world, I will like to be her blood brother again”.
Hear this one, “The celebrant is a mother in a million, she is not a sister o; she is a mother and I love her”, that is the voice of Alhaja Kudirat Oderinde, immediate younger sister of the celebrant.
Oderinde continued  “I am happy for her, for God have preserved her for all of us”. She described her sister further with attendant prayers “Well, she is a disciplined person, strict and sincere but full of love and care. I wish her long live and prosperity. She will eat the fruit of her labor; she will never die in vain Insha-Allah”
'Love to see you Abebi'
It was the turn of celebrant’s first son, Engineer Olukayode Idowu to say more for Mama  and he didn’t miss words when he began to speak “Yeah, I feel good, I feel happy for myself and my mother, I thank God that she is still living, that God preserved her life for me. I thank God, I give glory to God. She has been a wonderful mother to me and my siblings, a very supportive mother. If I want to come back to this world again, I will choose her to be my mother”.
The Celebrant in jolly mood with a jolly friend
Group Dance with the Celebrant
Celebrant in a jolly dance with a friend
The MD/CEO of a leading real estate company, Mac Bolton Ltd has a final prayer for mum “I want God to preserve her life the more so that she can live long and reap what she implanted in our lives, I mean her good works”
On why his mum is different from any other mother, Kayode offered explanations “I will say she is a disciplinarian. Yes, that actually reflects in my life. She is a very hardworking person. My mum hates idleness. She raised us alone with no support from any of her family or the extended family members because we lost dad quite early in life. I give glory to God for giving her the strength to raise us alone. I can’t even find a word to define her. She is exceptionally great. I pray that God should preserve and protect us and let us live long enough to celebrate my mum in years to come in Jesus mighty name”
On his own part, he said “I think I am one of the closest pals of my mum because I do a lot of things with her” that is the voice of Honorable Olatunde Bello, her second son who is equally a politician like mum.
Celebrant with immediate younger bothers, sister and a guest
Bello continued “Mum is a nice woman, she is a great woman and she is my role model. I respect her a lot as a woman and as a mother. All over the years she was the only one that stood by us. She sent us to good schools and ensured we had the best of education. In fact, this event was never planned to be this big, when she told us she would like to mark her birthday, we decided it was going to be low keyed but as you can see the outcome is highly impressive. You can see the crowd and this is despite our crowd control strategy. It only says one thing—goodwill. My mum has a fat bank account of goodwill and that is what is being exhausted today
Birthday with immediate younger sister
For her last born, Ademola Taoreed Ojugbele, happiness is the key word “I am so happy for my mom and I thank God she is still standing trim and fit” he declared with a smile hanging on his chin. “If you ask me what makes my mum unique, I just think she is awesome. She is everything to me, she is my mother, and she is my counselor and my heartthrob. For those who came for the celebration I will say everyone should have fun” the younger Ojugbele declared.
The Birthday Girl with kids & siblings
For Mrs. Adesoji Adaramaja, a special aide to the celebrant, it was much of a tribute and a song for her boss. Hear her “She is a very nice woman, she likes everybody and in fact, I will say she is very accommodating. That woman can give out anything; Chief (Mrs.) Ojugbele can remove her eyes and give it to you. She is a kind woman, she is a mother, she is my mum and I love her so much”  
“You can see how women leaders came from all over Lagos to celebrate with her, it shows who she is. I pray God will elongate her life in order to enjoy the fruit of her labor. I won’t mind if God can even help me prolong her life to 150 or 200 because she is an epitome of kindness”.
Adaramaja rounded her tribute with a song for Ojugbele “Abebi o o o wa pe la’iye, Basira o o o wa pe l’aiye, eni bani ko ni r’ibe a ku tue, a ku tue a ko s’enu motor a ja b’ute’ (Abebi you will live long, Basirat you will stay long, anyone that is against this prayer will run unto a moving trailer and be broken a-piece)

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